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Adjustable Measuring Cups | Set Of 2

Adjustable Measuring Cups | Set Of 2

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Measuring out ingredients can make or break your recipe and now there is an easier way with an all-in-one adjustable measuring spoon. Combining all needed measurements in a simple practical tool and simply sliding the adjuster to the desired spoon amount. The Adjustable Measure Scoop can accurately measure all kinds of dry and liquid ingredients so you can bake like a pro!  

Adjustable Function:

  • There are three measurement units: tsp, tbsp, Metric ML, ounce (auxiliary use), to satisfy all your needs. You can move the slider back and forth to measure. The measuring ranges for small spoon are 1ML-30ML, the maximum capacity is 30ML, the indicators are 1/2tsp, 1tsp, 2tsp, 3tsp, 1tbsp, 1.5tbsp. The measuring ranges for big spoon are 1/8cup, 1/4cup, 1/3cup, 1/2cup, 2tbsp, 3tbsp, 4tbsp, 5tbsp, 6tbsp, 7tbsp, 8tbsp, 9tbsp
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